Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Baby Surprise Jacket #2 - finished!

I am completely delighted with the finished project. The Baby Surprise Jacket is even more fun the second time around. I see why people end up making dozens of them.

Details: Berroco Comfort Yarn in (obviously!) yellow and white. I used 1.3 skeins of yellow and maybe 1/3 skein of white. Knit Picks Options #6, I think. Maybe #5. I'd have to check. Comfort is wonderful to knit with but with one minor quibble: it's kind of splitty and I do not like splitty yarn. Other than that it was a dream project.

The buttons are from As Cute As A Button and I love them too. I almost went with fat round yellow ones but the daisies were irresistible.

If you haven't already knitted a BSJ, you owe it to yourself to try one. I mean, what knitting project would keep your techie husband up a few extra hours while he tried to prove his theory that Elizabeth Zimmermann reverse-engineered it. I watched as he deconstructed an old shirt to prove it (I wanted to take pictures but he wasn't thrilled with the idea) and then whipped out one of my EZ books and read him the Legend of the Baby Surprise Jacket.

Then I whipped her Pi Are Squares on him, followed by the EPS.

"You're right," he said. "Knitters are geniuses."

I rest my case.

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Blogger Jane said...

The sweater is so pretty and cute. I love the buttons.

2:54 PM  
Blogger Nephele said...

It's a good man that can admit the truth like that.

I love the daisy buttons too.

4:38 PM  
Blogger dobarah said...

Your hubby sounds like a keeper! I will agree with both Jane and Nephele, the buttons are perfect!

7:04 PM  
Blogger Jeff said...

That is one fabulous jacket. In fact, I'd love to have it in an adult size because I'd wear it myself. I guess I'm going to have to check this pattern out. You've intrigued me with the whole "reverse engineering" aspect of it.

What lucky baby is getting this?

10:13 PM  
Blogger Nancy Herkness said...

Okay, that comment above is NOT by Jeff, it's by me. For some reason, Yahoo is picking up my husband's gmail account and I'm not using either of our computers. Truly weird!

10:14 PM  
Anonymous Cathy said...

Nancy--If I'm remembering right, there is a pattern for an adult version of the Baby Surprise Jaket--maybe in The Opinionated Knitter.

10:22 AM  
Blogger Nancy Herkness said...

Hey, thanks, Cathy! I'm going to go take a look right now.

10:43 AM  
Blogger BeadKnitter said...

Awww, it turned out so cute! I love the buttons.

12:37 PM  

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