Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This Will Be Quick

Like I said, this will be quick. It has to be. I'm trying to post it between tornado warnings. Yes, tornado warnings in central New Jersey. Has the world gone mad? We're not supposed to have tornados in central New Jersey. Then again as far as I'm concerned we're not supposed to have 36 hour thunder/lightning storms from hell either.

Winner #23 is Nephele! Big loud congratulations, Nephele. Watch your email for my note.

Did I mention last night that the buttons came from As Cute As A Button? I should have. I also wanted to tell you (and did tell you in the first, vanished post) about revamping the sweater I made for Goldisox last year around our anniversary. I'm insufferably proud of the mods, the zipper, the everything and hope to have nots and pics tomorrow.

Unless, of course, I wake up in Oz . . .


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