Thursday, January 07, 2010

And she can bake too . . .

You already know I'm a big fan of Dawn Brocco's designs but what you didn't know is that I'm a big fan of her cookies too!

This is what remains of my wonderful Christmas 2009 surprise package:

Sweet, spicy, chewy, glittery . . . just plain delicious. THANK YOU, Dawn! Now, in the interest of full disclosure among knitting friends, I need the cookies' official names and--umm--maybe a recipe or two?? xoxo



Blogger Dawn Brocco said...

Thanks so much Barbara, for your kind words about the cookies!

They're Martha Stewart's Chewy Gingerbread Cookies:

As per a reader's comment, shape the dough into 1-2" balls, not 1/2" balls, that was a typo.

And to help one do that, I used a big knife to slice the chilled dough into about 3/4"wide rows, then cut them crosswise the same way, to make lots of little squares, which roll up easily in your hand.

Any odd sized pieces can be joined together to get a decent sized ball.

DON"T crowd the balls on the cookie sheet, they WILL spread out!

Oh and I always use more cinnamon than recipes call for - at least a TBL.

And I never have brown sugar on hand, so I use about 3/4 cup white sugar and about 1/4 cup molasses to equal the 1 cup, in addition to the 1/2 cup molasses also called for in the recipe.

I also didn't have the nutmeg, so I'm sure they'd be even better with the nutmeg.

I love to bake and cook. Almost anything that's creative, I'm drawn to.

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