Saturday, October 14, 2006

Holy cow! I got it!!!!

Okay, so I was visiting with friends and screwed up on the later rows and had to ::sniff:: frog it? Is that the phrase?

But...I sat down this afternoon when I couldn't write anymore, got really quiet and read THE Wendy's toe-up heel-turning description. Still didn't--my fault not yours, TW--understand where I was going, but I took a leap of faith and just started. Did fine until the aforesaid visiting and went astray, but...

I GET IT!!!! I can see how this heel thing works! Got to redo it, yes, but that's no biggie--IGETIT, IGETIT, IGETIT...oh joy, oh rapture, it makes sense--yeeeeehah!!!!

Jean, the happy sock virgin


Blogger Fran Baker said...

Yay, Jean! It's such a good feeling when you GETIT!!! Knowing you, everything will be perfect when it's done. Just keep at it. THE Wendy's book does help ... I read and follow directions and think I'm not getting anywhere. And then, voila! IGETit!

8:56 AM  
Blogger Wendy said...

Yay! Yay! Yay!


9:56 AM  
Blogger Dallas Schulze said...

Congratulations, Jean! The first time I successfully turned a heel, I followed the directions blindly, all the while thinking that it made no sense and couldn't possibly work. I still remember that moment when I realized that it was working and I was making a heel. I can turn a heel in my sleep now but it still gives me a little thrill.

11:20 AM  
Blogger Jean Brashear said...

Thanks! LOL, Dallas, on the "it makes no sense and can't possibly--holy cow!" experience. Makes me feel better.

It occurs to me that, as writers, we're sort of the ultimate control freaks, creating worlds with abandon, blithely determining the fates of characters, the leap to following directions blindly may not come so easily to us?

10:14 PM  
Blogger Barbara Bretton said...

Jean, hooray! I firmly believe that as knitters our hands know things our poor brains can't begin to comprehend. I can read instructions until the cows come home but I don't really understand anything until I have my needles in my hands.

1:53 PM  
Anonymous theresa s. said...

Yay Jean! Don't you just love those AHA moments? I can never understand a thing from reading knitting instructions, but have learned to trust that everything will make sense in the end. And hey, knitting is a very safe place to practice taking leaps of faith.

11:41 AM  

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