Saturday, May 24, 2008


Remember when I said I know terrific writing knitters/knitting writers when I see them? Boy, was I right!
Welcome multi-published Elizabeth Delisi to Romancing the Yarn!
Those of you on the knitting lists are probably familiar with Liz's posts. I've always enjoyed her comments and can't quite figure out why it took me so long to connect Liz the Knitter with Elizabeth the Writer but I'm glad I did. (And I know you will be too.)
Liz lives in one of my favorite states in the Union--New Hampshire--and maintains a website and two blogs that I highly recommend you visit. (One is a knitting blog and the other is a writing blog. )
Liz has an extensive list of credits which include teaching for Writers Digest School--a credit I share with her. (I often think I learned more from my students than they learned from me.)
Okay, Liz. Now it's your turn!
RTYers, has this been a great week or what?

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Blogger kshotz said...

How fun! Always great to meet new faces and expand reading repertoire!

10:52 PM  

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