Friday, March 14, 2008

Last call to enter the earring contest!

I realized I hadn't put a deadline on the earring contest so I thought I'd mention that I'll be drawing the lucky winner on Monday, March 17th (Blarney Day!). Maybe the luck of the Irish will be with you and you'll win these pretty pearl danglies. Make sure to email me at to enter!

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Blogger Fran Baker said...

Pretty earrings, Nancy!

One new thing I want to learn is crochet. Now I can make a crochet chain that'll go around my (very long) block. But darned if I can come back and actually create something with that chain. So that's my next goal.

After I finish writing my book. And speaking of books, I loved yours. So did my friend, who loves music and who'd not read you before.

10:18 AM  
Blogger Nancy Herkness said...

Thank you SO much for your kind words about my book, Fran! I'm delighted that both of you enjoyed it.

The only things I ever managed to crochet were snowflake ornaments for the church bazaar and darned if I can remember how we did it. I know we dipped them in starch and sparkles to stiffen and decorate them but the crocheting part has disappeared from my memory entirely. I'm right where you are: one very long chain. LOL

4:29 PM  

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