Friday, July 20, 2007

Two sleeves or one?

I'm late posting this week because my husband and I took a little road trip to a gorgeous country inn on Lake Waramaug in Connecticut. We had a two day window of opportunity because both children were away at camp simultaneously (one has returned, thank goodness!). To be honest, our house felt so odd and empty that we really wanted to go somewhere else.

That's me knitting on the patio of the inn with the lake in the background. I finally started on the first sleeve of the sweater-that-never-ends. A friend suggested knitting both sleeves at the same time. She says it keeps you from faltering when you finish that first sleeve and face another of the same boring variety and it makes them look more uniform.

I had already started the first sleeve on straight needles and didn't really want to deal with two balls of yarn or shifting onto circular needles (the sleeves end up being quite wide at the top so I needed the room) so upon reflection, I didn't take her advice. I'm sure I'll live to regret it.

I'm curious though: how many of you knit both sleeves at once? How do you deal with the two-balls-of-yarn issue? Is it a good idea that I should reconsider in the future?


Anonymous Carol said...

I knit both at the same time using circular needles. That way you have two sleeves the exact same length. It's not difficult with the two balls of yarn. When you turn your needles you shift the balls. Easy peasy. Enjoy your getaway!

6:39 PM  
Blogger Gail R said...

I knit both at the same time so that they are the same length. I haven't had major problems with tangles yet - but my time is probably coming.

8:01 PM  
Blogger Trishy said...

I knit both at the same time also. The first real project I ever made was using magic loop so it has always been natural to me. If you knit from center pull balls you can put them into the sleeves once you have a few inches done and it keeps them from getting tangled.

8:31 PM  
Anonymous Paula said...

On my recently completed sweater, I knit my sleeves at the same time for the first time. (Tricky sentence:-)) It was much easier than I thought. My yarn was in pull skeins and I had no trouble. I discovered a way to put them on the couch with me as I knit that kept them separate. It's definitely something I will do again.

8:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I knit both sleeves at the same time.

9:09 PM  
Blogger Nancy Herkness said...

It's unanimous! Everyone knits both sleeves at once. So now I know and the next sweater I make (if I ever have the patience to attempt another one) I will do both sleeves at once on circular needles and not worry about tangling my yarn.

Thanks for all your votes!

10:38 PM  
Anonymous Cathy said...

I have not yet knit a sweater, but I know someone in my guild who knits lots of them. She knits both sleeves at the same time on strait needles. So if you really don't want to, you don't have to switch to circulars.

9:20 AM  
Blogger georg said...

Having never knitted a sweater, I can't answer this.

11:51 AM  
Blogger Nancy Herkness said...

Cathy, it's good to know I don't have to use circulars. Not that I don't like them, I just needed a change.

Georg, how I envy you! LOL

11:53 AM  
Blogger Barbara Bretton said...

Nancy, I handle sleeves the same way I handle socks: I cast on for both at the same time on separate circs. Work the ribbing on one; work the ribbing on the other. I try to keep them moving forward in tandem. In fact I have two baby sleeves in progress right now.

9:17 PM  
Blogger Nancy Herkness said...

Barbara, that's an idea I hadn't come up with. Then you don't have to worry about the balls of yarn tangling. Thanks for the terrific suggestion!

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Amy said...

I always knit two sleeves at the same time. That way all increases are exactly the same and I don't have the second sleeve syndrome. Dealing with two balls of yarn is no big deal. I usually just leave them in my knitting bag while I'm knitting.

10:38 AM  

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