Monday, July 16, 2007

Yarnapalooza Winner #16

My second favorite crochet hook, a beautiful Brittany Birch. (My favorite crochet hook is a white plastic N of unknown origin.

Congratulations to a very good friend of mine, Peggy Jaegly, our Yarnapalooza Winner #16! PJ, I actually let out a little shriek when I tracked down Random Number Generator #103 and your name popped up! PJ is a knitter/writer/harpist/all around good person. We met many years ago when we were both new to central NJ and have been friends ever since. PJ lives in Maryland now but what's a few miles between friends?

Goldisox and I had our regular Monday date. We headed down to Cape May but ended up in Atlantic City instead where we enjoyed a free buffet at Harrah's and shamelessly people-watched. I actually saw a man with French-manicured toenails. He carried a floral totebag and wore pale peach-colored shorts. Those three facts almost overpowered the fact that he was staggeringly handsome. Clearly unavailable but movie star gorgeous. (Further strange observations on my other blog.) (Contests there too!)

I worked on my Outback Mohair Scraps Shawl all the way down and back up again. We listened to 1) the end of Bill Bryson's I'm A Stranger Here Myself and 2) the beginning of the first Stephanie Plum One For The Money.

A good time was had by all.

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