Friday, November 17, 2006


***GUEST PET: Catmum tells us about Brutus: "Oh which one of the three furkids to choose? There will be trouble when they see this, that's for sure. I'll pick Brutus, mancat closest to my heart. Nearly feral and abandoned by his owners when he chose Sean, he slimmed down from 25 pounds to current good weight of about 16 when he realized he didn't have to wolf down all the food before the raccoons got it.

He's a champion gopher hunter, but afraid of socks on the floor. He had a bluejay as a friend a couple years ago, seriously, we called him Newman, he would show up at dawn on our balcony and call for Brutus, who would jump down off the bed and go out the cat door, and the two of them would walk together down the cat ramp, along the fence, across the street together, and go hang out in the grass in the neighbors' yard. This went on for several weeks, until Newman found a girlfriend. We have film and photos!

He and the other furkids, as well as knitting and tango and life are featured on my blog, he is featured in today's post: 2006/10/household-guardian-brutus_116205821168908683.html "

Now that's a face!***

Some days are just better than others.

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of Anne Stuart's company over a Chinese lunch in Princeton and I have to tell you it is great fun to get out and about with smart, funny, fun to be with women who happen to be brilliant writers.

The conversation covered family, friends, work, heartbreak, bluegrass, The Beatles, Freddie and the Dreamers, Richard Thompson, Bob Dylan (I still haven't recovered from that particular story), and our mutual appreciation for Chris Curtis, The Searchers' drummer.

You should've been there. Really. I can't even remember what I had for lunch. The conversation was that good.

After we said goodbye I wandered into the LYS (conveniently located four doors away from the restaurant) and didn't leave for two hours. I was greeted by Misha the Dog who instantly captured my heart and (I have to admit) my credit card. Who says all knitters are cat people? At my LYS dogs rule.

Imagine a grey rainy windy day. Imagine it's starting to get dark outside. Imagine you're tucked away in a cozy yarn shop with a playful pooch and a fascinating knitter, surrounded by cubbyholes filled with beautiful yarn and FOs and knitting magazines. I bought Lamb's Pride, a stack of magazines, a pattern for a felted bag, and left my heart with Misha.

I needed to step away from real life yesterday. Quite frankly I was getting tired of living with the dead. Gearing up for the court battle is wearing me out. Yesterday I got to forget all about it.

Great lunch. Great conversation. Great yarn shop. Great dog.

Great day.


Blogger Nancy Herkness said...

I love the tale of "Brutus and the Blue Jay". I'm already writing their dialogue in my head. How wonderfully amazing Mother Nature can be!

Barbara, your day sounds like heaven. Sometimes you really need a break from everything.

12:37 PM  

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