Monday, November 13, 2006

Full 'er Up!

That’s my box, all fulled up!

Well, actually the first photo shows it empty.

Now it’s being useful…

And here it is being decorative…

And that’s the last I’ll see of it because it’s going off to my husband’s golf locker to hold the stuff he empties out of his pockets while he plays.

I took a little bit of everyone’s advice about the fulling:

1) I zipped it in a pillow cover, as per Dallas;
2) I put a teaspoon of detergent in, as per Fran;
3) I threw in a couple of pairs of jeans, as per Dallas;
4) I ran it through the wash cycle twice, as per Jean;
5) I let it spin (because I’m very lazy), as per Kshotz;
6) I shaped it with rolled up washcloths, as per Mason Dixon Knitting. (Since it was their pattern, I thought I should take some of their advice.)

It takes a village to complete one of my fulling projects and I’m so grateful for all of your excellent suggestions. I think it looks pretty good for a first attempt. And it works!


Blogger Fran Baker said...

That's really neat, Nancy. Pretty color, too. Are you going to make another one, or is this is for boxes?

10:53 PM  
Blogger monica said...

I may have to make a few of those for my daughter for her cd's. That turned out really nice.

3:01 AM  
Blogger kshotz said...

It looks terrific Nancy! Your husband is a lucky guy to have such a beauty in a locker!!!!!


8:50 AM  
Blogger Nancy Herkness said...

Thanks, guys! It's a really quick thing to knit so I probably will do some more of them, Fran. Especially since I love organizing things in boxes.

Monica, this is theoretically the medium-sized box although I think it came out a bit smaller than Mason Dixon's pattern said it would--I tend to knit a tighter gauge. Just so you can plan for those CDs.

10:07 AM  
Blogger Sharon Hurlbut said...

Beautiful box! I can see a whole lot of uses for boxes like that at my house. Yours came out perfect.

12:10 PM  
Blogger Heide said...

What a perfect box/container. This is just what I need to get my chaotic life in order! Okay, so that may be a wee exaggeration, but I do have lots of odds and ends just crying out for me to make one of these delightful vessels.

12:05 AM  
Blogger Red Rocket said...

Wow, that is nice. Who couldn't use a box like that!

4:55 PM  

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