Thursday, October 19, 2006

SOCK HOP - Day 19

A great Tom Selleck photo that bears repeating. (This is for you, Dallas.)

I don't know which is more fabulous: Kim's socks or Kim's photos! You decide.

Speaking of great photos, scroll down and take a good look at Sharon's photos from yesterday. Am I crazy or are they Knitty quality? There's a warmth to them and more than a little photographic skill. We seem to be surrounded by talent here and not just the knitting kind.

Not much knitting time this week. Sneezing and reading two copy-edited manuscripts pretty much covers what I've accomplished, but I did cast on for a pair of Wool-Ease spirals in Red Sprinkles. (Why do I have so many skeins of Red Sprinkles in the guest room? When did I buy them? Where did I buy them? Did I have some kind of secret plan for them?) #2US Addis, of course.


Blogger Dallas Schulze said...

You have my permission to post that photo of Tom Selleck as often as you'd like. Really. Don't hesitate.

Kim's photos and socks are fabulous indeed. It makes me want to start a new pair of socks but I am remaining strong. No new socks until I've finished at least one of the current pairs in progress. I'm sticking with that. Probably. Maybe.

I love the spiral socks. Yet another pattern I am absolutely not starting right now. I'm pretty sure I'm not.

9:28 PM  
Blogger Nancy Herkness said...

Kim's pix are fabulous! Of course, she's turning pro so it's not surprising.

Ooooh, I love the Red Sprinkles. I wouldn't mind making something (other than socks) out of that yarn.

Hope your sniffles are fading rapidly, Barbara!

Is the copyediting all done now?

11:01 PM  

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