Saturday, July 22, 2006

10 Things I Know Now About Knitting That I Didn't Know Before

Maybe it's age. Maybe it's all the help available on the internet. Maybe it's just that finally something clicked and it all began to make sense in a way it never had before.

But here are ten things I know about knitting now that I definitely didn't know before:

1. A dropped stitch isn't the end of the world
2. Frogging isn't a mortal sin . . . or a sign of knitting inadequacy
3. One knitter's great project is another's week in Hades.
4. If you don't love the yarn, you probably won't love the process.
5. Knit for people you love who also love the fact that you're
knitting for them.
6. Knit a swatch! Knit a swatch! Knit a swatch!
7. Stitch markers aren't crutches for lazy knitters. Neither are
row markers or counters. They're important tools. Use them.
8. Take photos of your projects and keep a knitting journal. One day you'll be glad you did.
9. Spit-splicing really works.
10. It's all just knitting and purling.

Learn to read your knitting and the world of Zimmerman and Swansen and Walker and Fassett will open up to you in a way you never imagined possible.

What have you learned about knitting? Share your comments with us.



Blogger Sue J. said...

I, too, have found out so much about knitting through this marvelous tool/obsession called the internet. The knowledge I have gained by reading websites, yahoo groups, KAL's, blogs, etc., would fill volumes. I have improved my skills a hundred fold, learned to knit socks, beta tested knew software and made friends, lots of friends, all because of knitting and the internet. And OMG the yarn!! What can I say??? This truly is no longer your grandmother's knitting. It brings me joy and peace and fulfillment. What more do any of us need or want? Oh, ok, besides more yarn/fibers. I personally sent my LYS owner on her first cruise this year.
Sue J.

6:50 AM  
Blogger Barbara Bretton said...

Sue, what a great post And you're right: I credit the internet entirely with the progress I've made with my knitting in the last three years. I think I am singlehandedly keeping Elann and Patternworks alive. Warmly, Barbara

9:46 PM  

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