Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Who's a Rookie?

Sorry, Jamie, but the title of 'rookie' goes to me!

My mother taught me to knit in the dark, distant past when I was in my teens. I loved my mom like crazy but the truth is, she was a terrible knitter. I recall one sweater she made that was supposed to have cap sleeves. Well, when she'd finished, one sleeve was a cap. The other... it didn't exist at all.

So I became a knitter much like Mom. Knit one, purl one, rip. Count the stitches, answer the phone, go back to the knitting and whoops, where was I?

But I enjoyed it anyway. Seeing something come to life in my hands was incredible, especially since when I'm writing, that doesn't always happen without lots of anguish.

Anyway, I'm definitely THE rookie here. I absolutely claim the right to that title.

I'm making a scarf right now. Yup, a scarf. Me and Uma. If nothing else, looping it around my neck (tightly!) will be lovely. The yarn is gorgeous and soft and altogether wonderful. And I ask you, how many times would somebody have to rip out the stitches on a scarf? (I'll let you know.)


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