Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bliss, knitting shops & office supply stores

OMG, have you seen them yet??? Lighted knitting needles, be still my heart. Quick, someone tell the manufacturer to send me some because I must have them for review. Must, I tell you. Like Noro yarns (and gel pens) they come in pretty colors, and like lighted pens that allow me to take notes at the theater or during a black out, they have lighted tips (and replaceable batteries!) that would allow me to knit during a black out or when my husband wants to watch movies in the dark.

Now, of course, the big question is...are they functional as well as pretty? They cost $15.95 a pair, and of course I'd want a pair in every size (what's the sense in having only a pair of size 8s if I needed a lighted pair of size 10.5 or 15, I ask you?) Which is why I need the Knit Lite people to send me some so I can review the needles and post that review here for everyone to see. They don't have to pay me in anything except ... a pair of lighted needles in every size and lots of extra batteries. No, that doesn't guarantee a glowing review, but...I love toys, and I could give some to my mother who'd have a marvelous time playing with them, too. Also, if I test out and review every single size of these lighted needles, then we'd know for certain how they stack up against each other, right? All needle sizes are not created equal after all.

That written...have you ever noticed how writers who are knitters all same to be easily addicted to the same things? I mentioned the Bliss of Office Supply Stores in my header because there's nothing like the smell of leather bound notebooks and brightly colored gel pens to brighten up a morning. And back to school shopping? Fuh-get-about it! My kids are grown and out of college now and I still have to take covetous little looks at all of those new colors of notepads, post its, binders, book covers,'s terrible. If I live to be 312 there's no way in the world I'll ever use up all of the paper and pens that are in this house.

Yarn shops are the same sort of thing. I've just got to pick up that one little piece of yarn, that new color, new fibre, new pattern, new needle - it's the creative addict in me, the person who knows that, despite the fact that 100% wool is 100% wool that Jewel Tone Red absolutely has its own texture and feel, will knit up with a completely different look, style and even flavor than the Jitterbug Blue from the exact same manufacturer, using the exact same type of dye & the exact same dying process because...

My brain tells me it will and I know how to write out the difference in those colors. And so, like my stash of pens and paper and paperclips and post its and you name it in the way of office supplies, I also have that never ending knitting stash. Because I can't help it. Not having it would be like running out of ideas for stories or other things to write about and...

That would be just plain bad.



Blogger Elizabeth said...

Terese, I know exactly what you are saying about new toys--and office supply stores. To me they are to writers what yarn shops are to knitters. I just can't get out of Staples without something! New pens, flashy postits, a ream of fun paper. It's like going into a yarn store--there's always something that just calls to you!

6:39 PM  
Blogger Nancy Herkness said...

OMG, light-up knitting needles! What will they think of next! And here I thought knitting was so delightfully technologically backward.

A big ME TOO on the office supply stores. I fall for anything that promises to help me organize my chaos.

10:56 PM  
Anonymous Vicki Tallman said...

Terese...I have been looking at these lighted needles for a couple of months now but have been waiting for someone else to talk about using them.

I'm not a writer but a huge reader so the stash gene must be there, too. I have an entire desk drawer filled with pens, pencils and other office supply gadgets. My DD is also out of college but I love office supply stores.

As far as yarn stashes go, I have a room with a closet and two chests full and possible patterns for only a fraction of it. The plethora of online yarn and pattern supplies just makes my fingers itch.

I'm loving reading this blog. Thanks for writing!!

8:10 PM  

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