Saturday, November 08, 2008

In Progress: a knitter's report

Remember The "Famous" Fiesta La Boheme shawl I made last year? Remember how I swore I would never, not in a million years, knit with La Boheme no matter how beautiful it was? Remember how the mohair strand kept getting away from the sparkly strand and made me crazy?

I lied. I fell in love with a dark green and purple shade that would be perfect for my friend B. S. for Chrismas and I cast on. I'm already regretting it but oh is it gorgeous in person.

Plain old garter stitch and lots of fringe. Sometimes that's all you need.

That bunch of pink spaghetti is my third Vintage Velvet in progress. It looks loopy, wormy, and formless but just wait until it gets run through the washer and dryer. If you've ever doubted that knitting is a magical experience, this will put those doubts to rest permanently.

And this is a completed (except for the felting part) Vintage Velvet. I can't wait to see how it looks post its run in the washer and dryer. Both scarves are Muench Touch Me. I wish you could see the big fat juicy reversible cable running up the middle.

This is Wavy from Knitty. I'm about 1/3 of the way finished. Noro Silk Garden #8, Addi Turbo Lace US4.

I had quite a bit of white Berroco Comfort left over from the Baby Surprise Jacket and decided to make a pair of plain vanilla (in every sense) socks for Goldisox. Knit Picks Options US3. I'm working both socks simultaneously but photographed one.

So what's on your needles?

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Blogger JellyDonut said...

You have inspired me to publicly admit to my knitting addiction. So far I have on my needles: Son of Stitch and Bitch Lucha Libre, in Trendsetter Merino VI; an entrelac scarf in Noro Silk Garden; Gigantic Cable scarf, in Cascade Magnum; felted slippers in Lamb's Pride; tube sweater, in Debbie Bliss Rialto; and a turtleneck to seam up, in a yarn I can't recall. Soon to be started: two pairs of gloves, one pair of socks, another entrelac scarf, a felted intarsia bag, and last and least a pullover of some sort for me. Also, I have just taken up Inkle weaving, in case I have some free time from knitting. I am crazy!

1:01 PM  
Blogger Barbara Bretton said...

I went through a spell of serial knitting monogamy but the boredom factor almost did me in. (This was my recent garter stitch era. Oy.) I want to make a sweater or two, another Irish Hiking scarf (they're addictive), a pair of gloves for Goldisox, and some shelter blankets. Oh yeah. And finish the book I'm writing.

1:13 PM  
Blogger Nicole said...

Looks like fun!

I currently have OTN: a pair of socks (well, really just the first sock, I knit them one at a time) for a Christmas gift and two beaded stoles for me that keep getting set aside for gift knitting. I also just recently cast off a gift shawl/cowl (Wisp from Knitty) that still needs to be blocked, so I still count it as a WIP. Once I cast off the gift knits, I will probably start a sweater for myself. I would have found one already, except for the looming deadline...

Knitting monogamy is not for me, either.

1:33 PM  
Blogger MissusWing said...

i have three things on my needles.

a washcloth for the leader of my writers critique group (a bribe so i can knit in session)

a beaded IceQueen for a friend of the family (holiday gift)

a Saranac (also from knitty) for my sweetie <-- highest priority as it is my NaKni SweMo project and i want to finish it by Thanksgiving.

2:58 PM  
Blogger Mary Anne Mohanraj said...

One elephant turned heffalump: almost done
One sock. Hopefully to be two socks eventually.

I didn't realize it was common to have multiple projects in play. I can see that would be more interesting, but don't y'all ever get confused, lose your place, forget what you're doing? Or is that just a beginner issue?

5:28 PM  
Blogger Mary Anne Mohanraj said...

Oh, and a bunch of little crochet flowers, experimenting with yarns, learning more stitches. Will probably attach them to various gifts, maybe with big pins, so folks can pin them to coats and hats and such if they choose. Using this book, Crochet Bouquet:

10:56 PM  
Anonymous Cathy said...

OK--I have 2 pairs of socks, one bib, one scarf, two shawls (one bamboo, one wool), one top, one baby hat....and I think another shawl in the ufo pile....

9:21 AM  
Blogger georg said...

I have on the needles:
1. Eleanor of Toledo sock that I need to get back to- it's on 000 and done with Zephyr silk/wool. Knee high Oy.

2. Lapis Socks that Rock sock.

3. Unknown purple yarn sock.

4. Knitpicks Imagination Wicked sock (alpaca blend), sock, with a riff on Bellatrix.

5. Frenchman's Creek sock by the Tsock Tsarina.

I just finished two tiny dog sweaters for a friend from Texas who just moved to Syracuse- her teacup chihuahua is Not used to the cold.

11:20 AM  
Blogger georg said...

Mary Anne- I have multiple projects, because I have to have a brainless sock to carry around, and a complicated project for when I can focus on just the project (Eleanor), and another brainless project for riveting TV watching. Unfortunately, the Wicked Sock hurts my hands so I have to switch off to another brainless sock after a while. Otherwise, I am more normally a monogamous brainless sock knitter. This is the first time I've had three brainless socks at once!

11:23 AM  

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