Friday, November 07, 2008

How about some Peru? CLOSED

CLOSED - winner announced
Some yarns just don't sing to you. They're perfectly lovely yarns, great manufacturers. They even feel wonderful in your hands. But when you sit down and start to knit you just don't feel the love.

That's what happened with Lane Borgosesia's Peru and me. We just don't feel the love.

We were an on-line romance. I loved Peru on eBay. I flirted. I teased. I caved. I haunted the mailbox waiting for my new love to arrive. My heart beat faster. I couldn't breathe as I ripped into the package. And then I crashed back down to earth.

Who can explain chemistry? Peru and I just don't have any. But maybe you and Peru will be a match made in knitter's heaven.

We're talking 44% alpaca, 40% silk, 16% virgin wool. 99 yards per skein. 20 skeins in all.

If you think you can make it work between you, send me an email here with PERU in the subject header and maybe you'll go home together tonight.


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