Tuesday, November 04, 2008

BLISS (Cashmere) Update

We voted early then ran away for the day. Trust me when I say I really needed to get away from the TV and the book in progress and the book that escaped my control and got out there in the real world with real readers who aren't even related to me.

That said, I figured if we came home around nine o'clock I'd have plenty of time to gather up all of the emails, call up the Random Number Generator, and post a winner by ten.

I never in a million years expected the HUGE number of entries that were waiting for me. Hundreds of them. Literally. I'm putting them together in numerical order right now (and on dial-up this is a slow process) so please bear with me. I should post the winner within the hour.

And because there are so many of you who were kind enough to take time to drop in here, hang out, and enter the contest, there will be a Bliss Part Deux tomorrow. If you've already entered, you won't have to do a thing. Just check back here to see what it looks like and cross your fingers.

I'd heard about The Wendy Effect. I think it was Lisa Souza who told me about the tsunami of orders she received the day Wendy wrote about one of Lisa's gorgeous hand-dyed yarns. All I can say is WOW.

Lots of votes cast today. Lots of contest entries too. Life ain't half bad.

Stay tuned. I'll be right back with a winner.

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Blogger teabird said...

So happy tonight!

11:41 PM  
Anonymous Cathy said...

Ummmm...there might have been some discussion of your giveaway on Ravelry, as well..... Ooops! ;)

9:11 AM  
Anonymous Connie Brooks said...


LOL. No worries about your "escaped book". If the rest is a good as the two sample chapters you put up, I am very certain you will get rave reviews!

*Preordered on Amazon, W00T


4:59 PM  

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