Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Yarnapalooza Winner #24

Congratulations to Margaret Stevenson of Wyoming: you're our Yarnapalooza Winner #24!

What a great day: knitting and writing, writing and knitting. Knitting while I thought about writing. Writing while I thought about knitting. Not to mention writing about knitting which makes the whole thing even better.

I transferred all of my crochet hooks and circs to my mother's old picnic basket and I'm loving it. (Pictures tomorrow, I promise.) Right now it's just a big jumble of stuff but sooner or later I'll figure out a way to organize things but I'm very happy with the set up. My old drawing/painting stuff will find a home in my mother's old wooden oil paint box which I have down in the basement. I love finding new ways to use old and familiar items--it's much more fun than going out and buying something without a history.

I'm still trying to figure out what that nest of Maine rocks was doing in the bottom of the picnic basket amid the art supplies. I also found a ticket stub from Rob Roy (way back in 1998 I think it read) and a ticket stub from a visit Goldisox and I made to the Liberty Science Center this very week in 1997. Oh yeah, and beautiful bookmarks from Papyrus at the Mall and tiny Guatemalan "worry" dolls that I bought because . . . well, I guess I had a lot to worry about that year.

My house is a veritable archaeological dig of memories!


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