Sunday, July 22, 2007

Yarnapalooza Winner #22 and a Technical Question

Chrissey Dormer is our Yarnapalooza Winner #22! Congratulations, Chrissey!

While I have your attention I thought I'd post a technical knitting question. I'm zipping along on the sleeves of the Creative Knitting baby sweater and it occurred to me that the finishing is going to be a little weird. Take a look at the photo then zero in on the brightly colored sweater and you'll see what I mean. I'll be attaching a garter stitch cast-off row to seed stitch selvedge and I'm wondering if anyone has any tips to help me create a non-bulky, sturdy, semi-attractive seam. I've Googled but haven't come up with that particular combination yet.

Finishing isn't my strong suit. It's kind of like bowling for me: I position myself, focus in on the pins, then watch the ball leap into the gutter or head straight for a strike. I'm never quite sure what I'm gonna get . . .


Blogger Julie said...

See if this Knitty article helps:

It's called "Seaming Sleeves into a Garment", in case the link gets broken.

You should also be able to find good directions in books like Vogue Knitting (The Ultimate Knitting Book) or Montse Stanley's Knitter's Handbook.

7:05 PM  
Anonymous Cathy said...

I think when I make this for the short person, I'll avoid the issue by slipping the first stitch of every row. Alternately (since I'm assuming you didn't) you could use a crochet hook and slip stitch the pieces together.

*WARNING* The person that left this advice has no sweater making experience!!! Take this advice at your own risk!!!

9:50 AM  

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