Sunday, July 22, 2007

From Riches to Rags ...

Well, I didn't make it onto Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Not because I didn't know the answers to the questions - I know for a fact that I only missed 2 of the 30 that we had to answer in 10 minutes. Mainly, I think, I didn't know the "system," because the 5 (out of 250) who were selected had all tried out between 4-8 times previously.

Here's what happened: Our tickets said to arrive at 2 p.m. and to wear dark clothes. After a late breakfast, however, we decided we'd walk by the ABC-TV studio on W 67th and check out the scene. People were already lining up so we joined them and wound up being in the first group of 20. Our group really bonded and we held places for people who had to run down to the nearby Starbucks to use the restroom, etc.

Once we were called in, we couldn't leave for any reason and come back. (Thank heavens for those Starbucks' runs!) We were ushered into the studio - it was cold! - and our group got to sit on the front row, right behind the chair where Meredith Vieria sits during the show. We clapped and laughed and hooted and hollered right on cue, and I suspect you'll "see" us (just our dark-clad bodies, not our faces) at the opening of the new season's shows.

After several hours of that we went into a cafeteria and sat at assigned tables. Each of us was given an envelope with our question sheet inside and an answer card just like the ones that are used for SATs and such. Our finished cards were "graded" while we waited and, like I said earlier, they only called on 5 veterans out of 250 auditioners.

But guess what? It was a wonderful trip to New York! We ate in some old familiar places (Cafe Bryant, behind the NYC Public Library) and some terrific new ones (The Palm ... lobster, yum!). Our hotel was all refurbished and was in a midtown location, which meant we could walk everywhere (except for cabbing to the studio). Heck, even in this summer of airline horror stories, our planes were on time going and a little early returning!

Now it's back to writing and knitting. I've about got my proposal ready to submit. Wish me luck on that one! And I've settled on Patches by Plymouth in Brights for the marble cardigan.

Which raises the question: What are you all doing to defeat the dog days of summer that are now upon us?


P.S. Yes, Barbara, I felt the good vibes from everyone and really, truly appreciated them.

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Blogger Cindi Myers said...

Well I'm bummed you didn't make it, but it does sound like a fun trip. Do you think you'll try again?

8:53 PM  

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