Tuesday, April 24, 2007

And The Winner Is ...

But first, I have to tell you I had a wonderful vacation. The planes were on time, coming and going. We even picked up a tailwind on our way out and arrived a little earlier than scheduled. The weather was perfect - 75 and sunny the whole time. And the food ... suffice it to say that I ate too much too often and need to get back to my better habits. I had an inkling my luck was changing but knew it for sure when I got back. The shuttle driver dropped me off about 10 spaces from where my car was parked, which meant I had to walk - what? - twenty steps. Like I didn't need the exercise after indulging myself for four-and-a-half days! When I drove through the checkout, money in hand, the gal at the window said, "The service sucked today so your parking is free." FREE PARKING! How lucky can you get?

And speaking of luck ... the winner of the green Panda Cotton sock yarn is PAULA.

Paula, if you'll email your address to me at Fran AT FranBaker DOT com and put Panda Cotton in the subject line, I'll get it right out to you.

Congratulations, Paula. And thank you all for your good wishes. I'm rested, refreshed and ready to write. Eek, I'm going to tackle that one-piece shrug/sweater, too.


Anonymous Paula said...

I check blogs first thing in the morning. What a wonderful surprise to find I had won! E-mail has been sent - thanks so much!!

Now - what one-piece shrug/sweater are we talking about? :-)

6:35 PM  
Blogger the BookWyrm said...

Glad you had a great vacation, Fran! I hope some of that luck carries over into the writing and the knitting!


7:18 PM  
Blogger Fran Baker said...

I answered your email, Paula, and the yarn will be in the mail today or first thing tomorrow.

I've got two patterns - one for a one-piece shrug and one for a one-piece sweater. Both call for a boucle yarn but the sweater is striped. It's called a Marble Cardigan and it comes from a designer via New York yarns. As soon as I find the info, I'll post it here. I'm leaning toward the cardigan because I tend to think of shrugs as being for someone a little younger. What say you?

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Paula said...

Ah Fran,
I struggle with this question regularly. What does one do when one's age has not changed in the heart, but recognizes that chronologically older women can look foolish when wearing the newest styles? Although certainly, shrugs are fairly classic garments that have been revived. As a woman of a certain age, I have seen shrugs I believe I could wear and not look like I'm trying to regain my youth. :-)

I just went to NY yarns and saw the marble cardigan - that's a classy pattern. (I'm currently crocheting their Caprice capelet.) I'd love to see which shrug is under consideration!

Oh and by the way - I just realized it was you I have to thank for the scrumptious Blueberry Pie I made this past weekend. Delicious recipe!

8:30 AM  
Blogger Fran Baker said...


I got the shrug pattern off the free patterns page at the Berroco site: http://www.berroco.com.

It uses Berroco Chinchilla and, for the trim, Berroco Glace.

Looking at it again, it does seem more of a classic than a trend. And I'm one of those people whose arms are always cold, so this would be perfect.

Let me know if you can't find the pattern and I'll see if I can locate it in my "favorites."

9:46 AM  
Blogger Cindi Myers said...

Your vacation sounds great, Fran.

10:00 AM  
Anonymous Paula said...

The shrug you are looking at is the exact style I had in mind when commenting that a shrug is a classic garment! Thanks for finding and sharing the pattern - it's one I'll add to my ever-growing collection.

The shrugs I think are more challenging are the "mini-sweaters." I've seen some on bloggers that were very attractive, but I think they have to be "just so" to look appropriate.

Will you use the Berroco yarns it calls for? I like the idea of the contrasting textures.

7:25 AM  
Blogger Fran Baker said...

Thanks, Cindi. I really was a great vacation. And guess what? I took one of your books with me. "Fear of Falling." (I'm trying to read at least one book of all my writing/knitting colleagues.) I'd not read a Blaze before ... hot stuff! But very well done.

Paula, I'm vacillating on using the Chinchilla for the shrug but can't think of anything to use in its place. Suggestions are welcome, for sure! I do want to use the Glace for the trim, if possible. Like you, I'm enamored of the contrasting textures.

I'm going to my LYS today and check out their offerings. They have the Chinchilla and the Glace so ... we'll see. May just be my problem handling chenille and chenille-type yarns. I'm not very good at it!

Oh, I put the yarn in the mail yesterday. Do let me know when it arrives. And enjoy!

9:04 AM  

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