Saturday, April 21, 2007

OT: Devils get a shutout!

Am I just a little excited? Well, yes. I went to the Devils game last night with my Darling Daughter--girls' night out at the hockey game--and the Devils not only won, they didn't let Tampa Bay score a single goal. Take that, Vinnie Lecavalier!

It was a thrilling game, as playoff hockey usually is. The level of intensity is extraordinary. Everyone plays as though it's a matter of life or death. The players hurl themselves across the ice. I love it!


Blogger Ginny said...

What a game! I was there as well, and proud to say that I actually wore my Devil horns! At my age! I yelled myself hoarse helping the guys.
And yes, when I watch the away games I do wear certain lucky items. These can range from lucky Devils socks from years gone by to hats, jackets, whatever I feel is needed. I was so nervous during the OT game that I had to record OT and turn off the TV. This has worked in the past so it was worth a try.
I'm already nervous about tomorrow, but the boys are looking better.
I can't even attempt to knit during playoff games. So sad.

Ginny in Jackson, NJ

2:42 PM  
Blogger Nancy Herkness said...

Ginny, I'm with you: no knitting during playoff games. I've always wanted a pair of those horns but my family won't let me wear them.

I'm unhappy because I have to go to a baptism tomorrow at 1:30. I'm hoping it's short so I can sneak out to the car and listen to the game before the party starts. I'll be counting on you to do what's necessary to help our guys win during that game since I won't be able to wear my jacket. Maybe I'll take my lucky hat though. LOL

4:14 PM  
Blogger Ginny said...

Oh no! Well, I'll do my best.
Here's hoping the next home game is for round 2.

Have you seen the new arena yet? We visited the Devils' offices to look at our ticket location for next year. I'm not too happy about traveling to Newark, but we'll try it for a year. I guess the traffic is the same, but I don't like city driving and there is no train station near me.

Anyway, back to the sock I'm knitting. This is my first time using Fearless Fibers. I really like it but since it's all merino and no nylon, I hope it wears OK.

Ginny in Jackson, NJ

10:31 AM  
Blogger Nancy Herkness said...

My husband went to a presentation on the new arena--they have one of those video virtual tours since the construction is still not finished. He says there are a lot of unresolved issues about traffic and parking.

And the prices!!!! Sky high for our usual seats!! We're probably cutting back to two instead of four seats since our children go to fewer and fewer games with us. I'm not sure why they think more people will come to the games in Newark if they raise the ticket prices. I think they're counting on a lot of corporate purchasing. Doesn't do much for us average, rabid, incredibly supportive fans without deep pockets, does it?

11:17 AM  
Blogger Ginny said...

Another great game - I was so nervous.
Yes, I agree that the new ticket prices are outrageous. We have 4(two are mine and 2 are my sweetie's and his group) in 120 now and are moving to the red seats next year. The person who buys a lot of my games when I am traveling said there was no way he could afford the club seats. We are moving 3 rows down and it appears to be about the same sightline. We were told the Devs are trying to make arrangements with the parking lots and we shouldn't have to walk more than 3 blocks(!).

But for right now - go Devs, beat the Sens!
I'll be heading North later to cheer them on.

Ginny in Jackson, NJ

9:45 AM  

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