Friday, December 15, 2006


***GUEST PET(S): Meet Dinah (foreground) and Pyewacket (background), Willa Cline's famous companions.

Willa (who happens to be my website genius/designer/guardian and the website g/d/g of many other authors including Bertrice Small and Susan Wiggs) is one of the original on-line diarists who pioneered what we've come to call blogging. I started reading Willa's Journal ten years ago and quickly became a huge fan.

I'm not alone. Willa has a considerable following and I urge you to stop by and get to know her and her girls.

Willa says, "Dinah and Pyewacket, looking out the window just seconds after Dinah hissed at Pye and jumped off my lap. She's a *very* weird cat. :) They co-exist, not always peacefully."***

Like every other female on the planet, I am so far behind that I've almost caught up with myself.

Too many projects, too little time.

Too many deadlines, too few braincells.

Too much chocolate, too--

Oh, who am I kidding?


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