Friday, December 08, 2006

GET FELTED: Outback Wool Bowl Bottom

GET FELTED: Outback Wool Bowl Bottom
Originally uploaded by sockhoppers.

Just for the kinky fun of it.

Seriously I love the way this looks. I could stare at the bowl's bottom all day. I love the way the double decreases radiate out from the center. (The decrease I was told about at my LYS really makes a stable bottom: over 45 stitches it begins with K5, SSK, K2TOG, K5, SSK, K2TOG --> to end of round. Knit next round plain. Then K3, SSK, K2TOG etc.)


Blogger Nancy Herkness said...

There's nothing better than a nice, tight butt, I mean, bottom...

9:43 AM  
Blogger Fran Baker said...

What Nancy said.


2:20 PM  

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