Friday, November 03, 2006

GET FELTED: Heart Pouch Before Felting - LaurieKnits

Heart Pouch Before Felting
Originally uploaded by sockhoppers.

This is from LaurieKnits. Make sure you check out her blog, Clueless Knittery, for more details on this wonderful heart pouch.

LaurieKnits says: "This was my very first attempt at a felting project. It's a small pouch/purse that can almost fit the bare essentials (cell phone, lipgloss, thin wallet - but not a book). It's done up with wool and Aura Trendy stuff mostly in stockinette with a few rows of garter. The heart pattern was accomplished by working the fuzz with the wool and the sides were simply sewn together. Easy, even for a complete novice like me! More pics and details are located in my blog."


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