Friday, November 03, 2006

Thinking inside the box

Here it is: the beginning of my felted, I mean, fulled box. (See, Dawn, I can be taught!) I'm so excited! You can see the opening for the handle. The stockinette row is where the box will fold.

Since the yarn has to be doubled (and I didn't feel like researching the logistics of using one skein to knit double--although I'm sure you guys could help me with that), I decided to knit Seafoam and Blue Magic together (Lamb's Pride Bulky, BTW) and I'm loving the effect. However, I have learned a very valuable lesson: never wear black while knitting with Lamb's Pride. It's worse than golden retriever hairs.


Blogger Dawn Brocco said...

What are ya gonna use the box for? I would never think to make a fulled box - such ingenuity!

Yes, you can use the inner and outer ends of yarn from a pull skin like Lamb's Pride or from those small 50 gram balls.

When I'm winding yarn from a hank and I *know* I'll be using it doubled, I sit on edge of chair and hang hank over spread knees. Find both yarn ends and wind them up together.

It takes a smidge more time than winding just from one strand, as the strands are unwrapping from the hank in opposite directions. Particularly with these large 250 gram Eco+ hanks I've been designing with - one winding session per huge hank and I'm ready to knit.

And I think I like it better than hand winding a center pull ball, ala EZ.

10:02 AM  
Blogger Nancy Herkness said...

Dawn, thank you SO much for the lesson in double-yarning. That makes so much sense. I'll do that with the remaining two sides which I'm planning to knit in just the seafoam color.

My husband has already claimed the box for his own (total surprise to me!). He wants it for his dresser to hold his wallet, keys, etc. This way they won't scratch the wood and he can find them all quickly. He's been wanting me to knit something for him but hasn't been able to come up with an idea so when he saw the box, he got very excited. (The last gift I knitted for him was a sweater which turned out to be so warm you had to visit the Arctic Circle to wear it comfortably. It was gorgeous yarn though.)

BTW, I can't take credit for the box concept. I found it in Mason Dixon Knitting and fell in love with the idea.

3:44 PM  

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