Sunday, October 29, 2006

SOCK HOP - Day 29

Morgan Freeman.
Simply the best of the best.
Definitely a 12 sts to the inch wool/silk socks kind of guy.

Handwarmers and sweaters. That's all I can think about.

I spent more time yesterday than I'm going to admit in a public forum surfing the net in search of patterns, hints, tips, everything I can gather up on handwarmers/fingerless mitts/whatever you want to call them and snagged some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran on eBay. (Fingers crossed the USPS actually delivers it.) Then I started thumbing through sweater patterns with Goldisox in mind. I tried to match up the pattern with my stash and started getting very confused.

I don't know about the man in your life, but the man in mine accepts only a limited palette. Oh yeah, and a limited number of style possibilities too. Oatmeal. Grey. Blue. V-neck. Crew neck. No cables. No stripes. No patterns. There must be ribbing at the neckline, hem, and cuffs. Raglan sleeves are suspect. I'm starting to think most men should be issued a uniform as soon as they exit the womb and just update it for size as they move along through life. They'd never know the difference.

I made real progress on the second Highlander sock this evening while we were watching Grey's Anatomy Season 2 on DVD. (Is it just me or was that prom a half-step away from jumping the shark?) Leg is done. Heel flap finished, heel turned, gusset stitches picked up and knitted, now I'm merrily engaged in alternate rounds of gusset decreases as I proceed toward the wild ride down to the toe.

I'm glad we did the sock hop. It pushed me out of my knitting comfort zone and encouraged me to learn a few new techniques and to up my productivity. Normally I'm one of those who rebel at any kind of restriction or demand but this time I didn't and I'm glad.


Blogger catmum said...

Wow! we must be twins separated at birth or something! I too was working on a sock last night, finished turning the heel, picked up gusset stitches and worked through all the gusset decreases, all while watching season 2 DVD of Grey's Anatomy!

12:59 PM  
Blogger Barbara Bretton said...

LOL, Catmum! That's downright scary, isn't it? So did you finish watching all of Season 2? I know everybody seemed to adore the Izzie&Denny love story but it left me cold. I just couldn't buy into it. (Christina and Burke are my favorite couple. And I really liked Meredith with Finn. Ah well.)

2:12 PM  
Blogger Tam said...

We must all have a psychic link. I have been knitting the last several nights to the 2nd season of Grey's on DVD. {cue spooky music}

I used to love this show but after finishing season 2 and watching (online) a couple of season 3 episodes, I'm over it. The suspension of disbelief necessary to deal with the plot is just too much for me. Not only have their slutty sex lives gotten to the point of being really embarrassing and pathetic, but the way they behave as doctors is WAY beyond anything that would be tolerated in real life. There is no way they would still be in the program- any of them- and they'd probably be in jail.
I'm with you about not buying Denny and Izzy, and that whole plotline gets even more stupid in season 3. I'm finished with it. I'll stick with "LOST". ha

6:21 PM  
Blogger Barbara Bretton said...

Tam, now you're freaking me out. What on earth were the odds that three of us who hang out on the same blog would be watching Season 2 of GREY'S ANATOMY?

Truth time: the actor who played Denny made me queasy. He reminded me of Robert Downey Jr. after a serious bender. And don't get me started on what Izzie did and the way the others rallied around her. Frankly I was disappointed in Bailey and The Chief. We're talking life and death issues here. Any doctor who would make the decision Izzie made should lose her medical license. And the same goes for the others who were complicit.

If you've ever been in a hospital as a patient or as an advocate for someone close to you, you know how unfunny this whole thing is. My husband said if he (God forbid a million times) was in an ambulance and that ambulance pulled up in front of Seattle Grace, he'd claw his way out and take his chances hitching a ride on the interstate.

I'm with him.

As a novelist I know all about the willing suspension of disbelief and I believe all's fair when it comes to creating a fictional world. But when your fictional world is based on medical realities you run the risk of losing your audience when you bend the rules the way GREY'S writers bent them.

Then again they're the #1 show on TV so what do I know?

All I can sayis that season #1 was sublime. Perfect! Maybe lightning really doesn't strike twice.

8:10 PM  
Blogger Jean Brashear said...

You ladies really are spooky! (I never saw season 1 and watched season 2 on the elliptical cross-trainer this summer, thanks to Netflix-yay!) This season was the first time I actually tried to tune in, but I'm with you all. I just don't care anymore...and I looooove Patrick Dempsey, have since he was doing teen parts. Did anyone see him on Once and Again (I still miss that show!) He played Lily's brother--schizophrenic, do I remember right?--and he was wonderful.

Love him, hate Meredith. It's too much like Stephanie Plum--decide between Ranger and Morelli, already! (Though I agree it's a tough call...Ranger's a hottie, but how can you not love Joe?) I think she's spoiled, self-indulgent and terminally whiney.

But I adore Burke, too, and Christina's multiple hangups are a hoot. The whole show, though, has lost whatever magic there was earlier, IMO...I really enjoyed the season 2 DVD.

But LOST--oh, Tam, you evil woman! I didn't watch it at all until my mother and son got into a spirited discussion of it late last season, so I got my mother to tape the finale...and then I understood all the fervor (though I had to ask about a million questions, as you can imagine.)

I haven't watched it this season (can you tell I'm not a very dedicated watcher--my bad!) until last week, then I was full of MORE questions, like why is Hurley back and why is no one looking for Jack and Sawyer and Kate? My mother has adopted the "I have no idea what's really going on but I just sit back and enjoy the surprises" attitude, which seems probably wisest, do you think? I read an article in Wired magazine about LOST, and it appears to be the most internet-savvy of all shows, like you could spend days online, finding out all sorts of subtext and backstory and...

So, Tam, I bow to your discipline. It's a fun (if crazy) show that is maybe the best mind game I've ever seen!

9:30 PM  
Blogger Tam said...


A little bit of info for you:

Hurley is back because "the others" told him to go back and tell everyone else to stay away. They threatened extreme ugliness if anyone tried to rescue the captives.

This is also why no one is "looking" for them. They know that "the others" have them and they know, from horrible past experience, that just running off half cocked over there is a waste of time. Until they come up with some brilliant new strategy, they're holding off. Also, their best hope for all out war with "the others" is Sayid who some of them already know is over there looking for the captives.

My "discipline" involves either watching the episodes on the internet or waiting for them to come out on DVD. :-) I do not "do" TV. I think it is a time sucking monster. It is easier to be thoughtful about what you watch when you have to rent a DVD to do it. I also prefer watching 42 minutes of episode and being done rather than 42 minutes of episode interrupted by 18 minutes of insipid commercials.

If you have high speed internet you can watch any ABC show on This includes Lost. It caches 4 episodes at a time so they "fall off" as new ones are added. It doesn't have the usual amount of commercials but it has 2 25 second "spots". I've often found that the commercial link was down when I clicked on an episode. It tries to tell you that you can't watch the episode without the commercials but if you click on it again it usually lets you watch it! That is great!

Season 3 is just as intriguing and suspenseful as, if not more than, the other seasons. I recommend it!

9:26 AM  
Blogger Tam said...

To Barbara:

RE: suspension of disbelief

I agree with you that all bets are off PROVIDING that you can tell the story well. I think character development is huge in this. That is what I have always admired about Stephen King. He can say any damn fool thing he wants to say because he is such an amazing storyteller. His characters are REAL people who I cannot IMAGINE that he is sitting at a computer and making up. Therefore when his characters tell me some ridiculous thing is happening, well, I believe them. I also think that you can get by with a lot more in print than you can in the visual medium- or perhaps you can get by with different things. I think that's why Stephen King, for example, enjoys such amazing popularity with his books whereas the movies made from them are pure crap (with one or two notable exceptions). The visual media strips away his storytelling and lays bare the absurdity of most of his plots. (The fact that his movies are generally horribly cast is another issue that I won't even go into.) Without him telling them, his stories usually don't hold up. As a voracious and longtime reader, I know that I'll believe anything if a credible character tells it to me.

This relates to Grey's in the sense that while the characters were engaging I could buy (and care about) their pathetic lives. Now that I don't care about them anymore I'm stuck with just watching the train wreck of their vulgar personal lives and their (I hope to God) highly improbable professional lives. I for one am ready to divert my eyes.

9:58 AM  
Blogger Barbara Bretton said...

You said it perfectly, Tam. When the main focus was on saving lives and learning to be great surgeons, their messy personal lives were a welcome emotional counterpoint. Now their "relationships" (why do I hate that word so much?) overshadow everything else and PEOPLE ARE DYING BECAUSE OF IT!

I agree about Stephen King. You create the world and the rules that govern it and then you operate within that framework. GREY'S initially promised brilliant, talented young surgeons-to-be who were learning how to save lives. Now it's more like GENERAL HOSPITAL.

I mean, I've spent my fair share of time in hospitals as patient and concerned relative and I've never once seen a pair of interns tumble out of a supply closet! I wonder what the medical community thinks about the new direction.

1:32 PM  
Blogger Nicole said...

I'm glad we did the sock-hop, too. Even if I will barely manage to finish my half-a-hop socks, instead of breezing through several pairs like I had planned. It's been fun. I'll get up a picture of the finished socks today or tomorrow, whenever they're actually finished.

2:56 PM  
Blogger LauraP said...

So it's not just me that's lost interest in Grey's Anatomy...I've been knitting to Season 2 of Six Feet Under. I'm still intrigued, but am beginning to feel the need for a switch to lighter fare. Just for a bit.

9:56 PM  

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