Sunday, July 16, 2006

More wrist woes

Jean - I know that pain. I get it when I crochet for more than a few minutes at a time and when I type too long on the laptop. But knitting doesn't trigger it for me. I must be holding my wrists in a good position when I knit but I've never thought to analyze it. Have you tried knitting with the braces on -- maddening I'm sure -- though perhaps worth it for the sake of discovering a hand position that's better for your wrists.

I switched from English to Continental style knitting a few years ago because of pain in an arthritic finger and really had to concentrate for a while to retrain myself and to also accommodate that weak spot. And for keyboarding, I highly recommend one of the many ergonomic keyboards. I've used a Kinesis contoured keyboard since 1993 - another recommendation from the physical therapy department. That particular style worked best for me because so much inflammation in the flexors on my hands, plus wrist pain and swelling and more pain in the elbows and shoulders. (I really was a mess.) The exercises Fran recommended are similar to some the PT had me do, too. Your mileage may vary. These things are so individual with so many varying influences.


Blogger Cetta said...

I've been having wrist pain as well...doc gave me cortisone shots in each wrist and they really work well... for a few months :-)

10:03 AM  

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