Saturday, July 15, 2006

The sporadic knitter

Okay, Barbara, I’m completely intimidated by your mother’s argyle sock and by your analysis of it. I figured out what “double points” are by the context (and I’ve even used them in the far-distant past) but I’m flummoxed (great word, right?) by the diagonal line being in “duplicate stitch” and the cuff being done flat. Clueless, that’s me.

So here’s my confession: I’m a sporadic knitter. My mother taught me to knit in my youth when I made myself a stuffed bunny in the stockinette stitch. Then I stopped for years.

In my early twenties, I started commuting to New York City and thought knitting on the train would be relaxing. (It also tended to keep people from sitting beside me unless it was the last seat in the car—they didn’t want to get poked by my needles or my elbows.) I knitted a sweater for my then-boyfriend, now-husband (which he can’t fit into anymore so it went to Good Will) and a pullover vest for my sister (which we just found while cleaning out my parents’ basement—the moths had attacked it). Then I stopped for years—I won’t reveal how many.

Now I’m knitting again (yes, Barbara lured me back to the Dark Side, as she says). Also, there’s this delightful new yarn store in the town next to mine, owned by several ladies who live near me and I always try to support local businesses (ahem).

My first project was a shawl for my daughter because she’s always cold (gets that from her mom). It was HUGE! And it was on circular needles. And it had all sorts of weird stitches I’d never done before. And I had a blast knitting it. So the addiction is back. (You can see a picture of the shawl on my website in the archives of “From the Garret” under “On Finishing Things”. I’m afraid I haven’t figured out how to post photos to the blog yet.)

Now I’m knitting a soccer scarf for my son which I designed myself. I had to create my own pattern because there’s not a huge demand for soccer scarves fora high school team representing a town of 7,000 souls. When I finish it—and when I learn how to get a photo on here—I will post my soccer original. I know you’ll all want to copy it.

I figure I was invited to provide the comic relief on this knitting blog. I’ll ask all the dumb questions so no one else will have to do so. Feel free to email me any questions you’re too embarrassed to ask and I haven’t thought of.

Seriously, a huge “thank you” to Barbara for including me! I’m thrilled to be part of this group.


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