Sunday, July 16, 2006

Wrist Woes

Jean, and anyone else with wrist trouble: You might want to try the exercises recommended at Carpal Tunnel Specialists. I do them when I'm between paragraphs or sentences (or words, if I'm really slow). No guarantees of a cure, but they can't hurt!


Blogger Jean Brashear said...

Fran, thank you. The weird thing is that, according to everything I read, my problem isn't carpal tunnel which affects everything but the little finger side of the wrist, which is the only part that hurts on me. I don't seem to have any of the classic symptoms; the burning I feel is below the carpal bone on the outside of each wrist.

Posture seems to impact it most--anything that requires me to bend my wrists sideways (turning my hands out to the side) is what hurts. I wear lighter wrist braces, the soft kind, when I do cross-stitch and when I'm typing unless it's bad--then I have to use the hard braces, which are, among other things, butt-ugly and hot!

9:13 PM  
Blogger Jean Brashear said...

So what that means is probably that I shouldn't be knitting OR typing...but that ain't gonna happen!

9:14 PM  

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