Sunday, July 16, 2006

Knits 'n' Knots

July 15 marked the sixth anniversary of my mom's death, so I read Barbara's post through tear-filled eyes. I always thought my siblings and I were the luckiest kids on earth to have our mom. It's nice to know that other kids were lucky, too.

I'm a self-taught knitter. (Long story short: I'm one of those going-to-be-early-for-her-own-funeral types married to one of those who-me-late? types, and knitting's better than ulcer medication.) Anyway, being self-taught means I have tension issues. Doesn't mean all self-taught knitters have tension issues. But I frequently find I'm knitting too tight or too loose.

Mmmh, it just occurred to me that the tension issue relates to writing as well as knitting. I'll explore that in a later post. Right now I just want to thank Barbara for inviting me to join the blog. It's a terrific group of writers in search of the perfect yarn.


Blogger Jean Brashear said...

Fran, LOL on the soothing nature of knitting. As a self-taught knitter, too, and one who can't seem to resist "fly into the mist" knitting the same way I can't bear to plan ahead on my writing, I can relate to tension issues that have nothing to do with needle tension. :)

I also don't much like ripping out (though I have learned to like revising my writing, so maybe there's hope for me), I wind up subjecting myself to a lot of frustration when the tangent I leap onto winds up looking like dog doo.

So I am resolved, this time around with knitting, to try very hard to stick to the straight and narrow, and so far, with the Booga Bag, I'm pretty much doing it--or if I'm veering off, it's not intentional.

Knitting is taught in anger management classes, I'm told, so obviously we're not the only ones who find it soothing. For me, it's how I don't leap for the remote control and do bad things to the man I adore. ;)

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