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During World War II, knitting was but one way Americans could support the war effort. Not only did the socks, mufflers and sweaters that people knitted or crocheted keep American soldiers warm on those far-off battlefields, it also provided them with a hand-made reminder of home.

In those days the Red Cross supplied patterns for sweaters, socks, mufflers, fingerless mitts to keep their hands warm while shooting (everything old is new again!) and toe and stump covers for injured soldiers.

Today, the National WWII Museum is sponsoring its own Knit Your Bit campaign. This is their effort to honor WWII veterans and they call it Knitting for Veterans. In this instance, they're asking us to knit a simple but cozy scarf to be donated to a veteran in a Veterans Center somewhere in the United States. They'll even supply the pattern - knitting or crocheting, your choice - same as the Red Cross did back when.

If you have some extra yarn and a little spare time and you're interested in doing something special for one of our surviving WWII veterans, visit Knit Your Bit at http://www.nationalww2museum.org/education/for-general-public/knit-your-bit.html

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember my Mother saying that she learned to knit during the war. She knit sweaters and sock, with sweaters being her favorite. I believe she said everything was knit in green.

thanks for the webwite, I will be doing some knitting for them.


4:50 PM  
Blogger Barbara Bretton said...

Fran,thank you so much for this link. I can't speak for all of the VA Hospitals but the one here at Liberty Corners, NJ is exceptional. My grandfather (WWI, WWII, Korea vet) spent the last five years of his life there and loved every second. One thing I remember is that knitted or crocheted items were held inhigh esteem. A handmade afghan or throw on your bed was a sign that someone loved you and thought about you. I'm definitely doing some knitting for this cause.

10:14 AM  

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