Thursday, October 25, 2007

Amazing Lace

I installed Picasa on the Vista laptop (figuring why not be a total glutton for punishment) and some surprises leaped out of my hard drive and onto the screen. This lacy pink baby blanket, for instance. I remember the baby. I remember her grandmother. But I don't remember knitting it. Isn't that weird? Where did I get the pattern from? Why does the last repeat look so weird? Is it the photo? The knitter? The pattern? What? I'm sure it must have been my tried-and-true Baby Clouds yarn but the rest is a blur. Why oh why didn't I keep my knitting journal up to date??
And how about the white alpaca scarf that never made it past the point you see right there? It was a Knitty pattern, an oddly appealing four-legged scarf that intrigued me right up until I started to make real progress on it and discovered I really don't like four-legged scarves all that much.
And there's a lacy scarf mid-blocking. I think that was my girly take on a seaman's scarf, if I remember right. Circa Christmas 2004. Berroco Mohair (discontinued) in ivory with ruffly edging.
Thank God for digital cameras. They remember what my brain apparently chose not to.
And no, I haven't forgotten: Filatura di Crisis tomorrow . . . and more winners. (Winners are on a different computer and you know me and computers . . . )


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