Saturday, September 01, 2007

Dishcloth #6

Margaret S., look out! Some Peaches & Creme is heading your way!

The photo is once again courtesy of Cathy: a mitered dishcloth in either P&C or S&C. I'm telling you the woman has a way with cotton.

My editor and I agreed that a short epilogue is in keeping so I'm back in the world of Finn and Hayley this weekend. It took a day or two to refresh my memory (how quickly you can forget the imaginary friends you lived with for months) but I'm on track now. I'd written maybe five different epilogues (both partial and complete) before I decided to end on what I thought was an optimistic but slightly ambiguous note. I loved the last few lines but I'll admit it bothered me a little that certain issues remained unresolved for the reader, issues that deserved a bit more than I gave them. So that's exactly what I'm doing right now in between rows on the red scarf and working on Goldisox's sweater. Sleeve #1 is all finished, cuff included, and I'm embarked on Sleeve #2. Things are looking good.
Hope you're all having a terrific weekend . . . preferably a weekend with lots of knitting time.


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