Friday, August 31, 2007

Dishcloth #4 and #5

Cathy B was yesterday's winner. She's also the talented knitter responsible for the garterlac dishcloth you're looking at. I think it's done in Peaches & Creme (same as my monstrosity) but I hope Cathy will deny or verify when she has a chance. What a difference a pattern can make! (We won't mention a knitter's skill set, will we? Thank you.)

Monica, you're today's winner! An email is on its way.

You know that old theory about the Full Moon? The one that says we all go a little crazy right around then? I've always believed it to be true but I now have proof that the Full Moon Effect can last an entire week and pretty much drive the last remaining grey cells from a middle-aged writer's brain.

1. When do men stop doing things that can kill them?
2. Do they ever get too old to be recklessly stupid?
3. Why do their wives elect to hold the ladder while they do said stupid things even though the wives in question know they shouldn't aid and abet insanity.
4. Full details here tomorrow (Saturday.)
5. And may you never receive a letter that begins with the words "We're sorry to inform you that the theft of a laptop containing sensitive information may have compromised you."
I swear to you the only thing that kept me from hurling myself into the Raritan River was the fact that I'm almost done with Goldisox's sweater.


Anonymous Cathy said...

I think it was Peaches N Cream, but if it wasn't, it was Sugar N Cream, which is almost identical, except it has different patterns on the labels.

9:09 AM  
Blogger Nancy Herkness said...

Cathy, what a great dish cloth! I"m a huge entrelac fan so the pattern really grabs me and the colors are gorgeous!

As for your questions about men, Barbara, I have no answer except that it's gender-wide. And they claim women are hard to understand!

Love the cover for JUST DESSERTS! Sounds like my kind of book, just from the title. :-)

11:19 PM  

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