Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Okay, I'm through traveling for a while (just got back from OKC and Dallas) and am ready to play "Tag."

1. Like Barbara, I have a grandfather who was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Hector William McKenzie was his name; his father was George and his mother was Mary White McKenzie. After Mary died, father and son moved to Clay Center, KS, where they had relatives who welcomed them with open arms. Hec was my maternal grandfather. My paternal grandfather, Edmund Charles McCoy, was born about ten minutes after his mother, Mary English McCoy, set foot on US soil. That makes me a proud McKenzie-McCoy.

Abraham Lincoln is my guy. Not just for all the obvious reasons, though, they're certainly important. But also because of his courage and "get on with it" attitude in the face of so much personal tragedy. And because I can read his speeches over and over again and never tire of those beautifully-arranged words. (FYI: this is a photo of the small statue we keep on my grandmother's Stickley Brothers desk. I carried it outside because it didn't show up all that well inside.)

3. I often wonder if anyone's really "listening" in this noisy world we now live in.

4. I once beat 22,099 men and women in the Mayor's Christmas Tree Bowling Tournament with a handicap score of 649 (I had two 200+ games and one in the 180s). First prize was a first-class trip to Las Vegas for me and my husband. We had a blast and, ironically, I couldn't lose at the craps tables no matter how crazy I bet.

5. I like to cook, and I'd love to write a low-fat/mostly sugar-free cookbook containing all my converted recipes. What think y'all of that idea?

I didn't make these hand-knit socks - they were a gift (and cost $35 US, if you can believe that!) - but I am going to love wearing them. They're made from cotton/linen yarn and I believe they'll keep my tootsies nice and warm come winter.

7. I'm writing a book set in 1930s America and am using my mom's diaries that cover the period 1933-1943 for research on clothes, music, movies, weather, etc. I'm also considering doing a blog of her diaries and wonder if anyone would be interested in the day-to-day life/historical aspects of a young woman in that period of time. And I'm trying to think of a name for the blog ... suggestions welcome!

Have a good one, all.


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Blogger Monika said...

5. I like to cook, and I'd love to write a low-fat/mostly sugar-free cookbook containing all my converted recipes. What think y'all of that idea?

Oh PLEASE do....the diabetics of the world would thank you.

3:46 PM  
Blogger Knitterary said...

I'm trying to listen, but the freaking cicadas are drowning everything out. ;)

4:00 PM  
Blogger Nancy Herkness said...

Abraham Lincoln is right up there for me too. You're right: his speeches are extraordinary works of both literature and oratory. I developed even more respect for the man after reading TEAM OF RIVALS. He was brilliant politically too.

I second the notion of the cookbook. I always print off your recipes from the blog and get my husand to try them out. (He's the adventurous cook in the family; I do all the boring day-to-day stuff.) Yummy!

4:17 PM  
Blogger Cindi Myers said...

Welcome home, Fran. I, for one, would love a low-fat, mostly-sugar free cookbook. Yes!!

Oh, and I'm with you on weaving in loose ends. I hate it.

11:24 PM  

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