Tuesday, May 22, 2007

These are about as random as they come

I’m having the best time reading everyone else’s Seven Random Facts and now that I’ve been tagged (darn you, Barbara!), I guess I have to come up with a list too.

I won’t tell you that I love the New Jersey Devils, that entrelac is my favorite stitch, and that I write romance novels because you’ve already read those things on this blog.

Instead I’ll confess that:

1. I’m a Lady of the Order of the Golden Horseshoe, having been knighted by the governor of West Virginia back in eighth grade when I got the highest score in my county on a test of state history. I still have my pin. Go ahead, ask me anything!

2. My senior thesis in college was a book of original poetry. While all my friends were slaving away in the library over 80-page research papers, I was sitting under a tree with my yellow legal pad propped on my knees writing about magnolias.

3. Barbara likes Liam; I like Pierce (BTW, there’s a movie with both of them in it!). Barbara likes John Adams; I like Thomas Jefferson. I also know all the lyrics from the musical 1776 because that’s my favorite period of U.S. history (and West Virginia was just an unpopular part of Virginia back then).

4. I’m a trekkie, original cast only. Captain Kirk was underpaid.

5. As a child I had a pony named Papoose who lived in a field behind our house during the summer. We didn’t have a barn so during really bad thunderstorms, we’d bring him into our attached garage. One night he got lonesome and walked right into our kitchen. I thought it was cool but my mother wasn’t so happy.

6. I went to an all-girls’ boarding school from 9th through 12th grade and loved it.

7. In my teenaged years, I was a Scottish country dancer and once did an outdoor public performance wearing the most gorgeous costume borrowed from a professional production of Brigadoon. If only the guys had looked more like the heroes in my favorite historical romance novels, I’d probably still be dancing today.

(I’ll get back to you on tagging other folks. I have to decide who will enjoy the game and who might stick pins in a voodoo doll shaped like me.)

I’m looking forward to reading more of YOUR fact lists!

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Blogger Kristin said...

A horse in your kitchen, Nancy!?! I would've loved that too.

By the way, I finished the socks with the yarn you sent - I'll send you a picture shortly. They turned out nicely. Thanks again!

10:52 AM  
Blogger Nancy Herkness said...

Kristin, I can't wait to see the socks. I'm so glad the yarn was put to good use.

I'll look forward to the photo and I'll post it to the blog if that's okay with you.

Hey, why don't you post your 7 random facts here?

12:55 PM  
Blogger Nicole said...

I'm a Jefferson fan, myself. Of course, it probably helps that I'm dating the guy who played our Jefferson in '1776' last fall, but - no. I liked Jefferson before that. =)

And I, too, would have adored the pony in the kitchen. Though I think my mom might have allowed it.

7:05 PM  
Blogger Nancy Herkness said...

Nicole, I can understand falling in love with the guy playing Jefferson; he's very sexy, especially when he plays his violin.

The problem with the pony in the kitchen is that the kitchen wasn't very big so Papoose kind of took up the whole room. He wasn't a little Shetland-type pony; he was a good-sized hunter/jumper. If the living room had been closer, we could have let him camp out there. ;-)

8:23 PM  
Blogger Lori's Light Extemporanea said...

I once spent a July 4th cleaning out my garage, singing the soundtrack to 1776 at the top of my lungs. By the end of the day, ALL my neighbors knew the lyrics (and probably hated them).

My daughter agrees with you about Star Trek, for sure.

10:24 PM  
Blogger Kristin said...

Ok - I'll take the Seven random facts challenge...

1. I was a champion golfer when I was in high school!

2. I grew up fly fishing and have fished some of the best waters in the US. Living in New York City, I really miss it.

3. I once ran into the great Pittsburgh Steeler, Lynn Swan, in a Chicago convention hall and spent about 15 minutes sitting and chatting with him about why we love Pittsburgh. I wasn't star struck with him like I usually am with famous people.

4. Continuing along the lines of famous people, I once had a long elevator ride with Adam Duritz, the lead singer of the Counting Crows on a New Year's Eve. He was in stitches laughing at a story my boyfriend was telling, but all I could do was sneak glances at Adam. He held the door for me to walk out onto Broadway and I followed him for three blocks with my boyfriend trailing me and laughing. Totally star struck.

4. I worked for a Pennsylvania Governor.

5. I love chocolate and peanut butter. I’ll take this combo any time, any place. It’s my sweet treat of choice – especially in ice cream.

6. I still have no idea what my dream job would be.

7. I have an addiction to all things Hello Kitty. I can't get enough of that cute cat and I've got a lot of stuff that I never took out of the packaging from the late 70's when my love affair with Kitty first began. I was pretty young when I was doing this and I can only say that I loved how things looked in the packaging and that’s why I didn’t unwrap them. I’ve never done this in an effort to make them worth something someday.

Thanks Nancy, that was fun!

10:25 PM  
Blogger Nancy Herkness said...

Kristin, it is fun, isn't it? I'm so impressed that you actually talked to Lynn Swan. I become instantly tongue-tied when face-to-face with someone I admire, mostly because I'm so afraid I'll say something totally stupid.

Re: chocolate and peanut butter, what could be more heavenly than a Reese's Cup?

Okay, golf I don't understand although I'm perfectly happy to watch it on television and I think Tiger Woods is fantastic. However, playing it seems a bit like chess on a very large board to me: slow and painful. My husband adores it though.

Thanks for playing the tag game! (I'm counting you as one of my tags.)

Hey, Nicole and Lori, why don't you add your own lists? I love reading these!

10:38 PM  
Blogger Bridget said...

Where did you live in WV? I'm from Wheeling!

BTW, my husband played James Wilson in a community theater production of "1776" when we lived in Chicago ...

8:26 PM  
Blogger Nancy Herkness said...

Hey, fellow Mountaineer! I grew up in Lewisburg, down in the southeast "corner" of the state. Nice to "meet" you!

Amazing how popular "1776" is when you start talking about it. Sort of like all the people from WV you find out about when you mention you're from there. ;-)

5:14 PM  
Blogger Nicole said...

Nancy, that violin and red hair *are* sexy, aren't they? :)

Here's 7 of the 8 things I posted on my blog when I did this MEME:

1. When I was little, I wanted to be an author. Specifically, a novelist. Then I let Real Life interfere, and accepted that I would never make a living at it, and so let that dream slip by the wayside. Now, I have determined that even if I never actually make a living at it, I am going to be a novelist. (Some time after college graduation I decided that Real Life was way overrated, and have since gone back to my own personal blend of Romantic Idealism. I'll take that over the dog-eat-dog world any day.)

2. If I had entered college with the knowledge that I graduated with, I would have majored in Linguistics instead of English.

3. I almost made it to the top of Half Dome (in Yosemite National Park), and to this day I regret the sense of vertigo that prevented me from going all the way up. (Yeah? You try hiking up a one-person-wide trail with two-way traffic, lots of gravel, and a very steep drop-off. My poor little 13-year-old mind couldn't handle it.)

4. I am a morning person by choice, but given the opportunity will stay up until all hours. Partly because when you're involved in theatre it's often hard to get to sleep at a reasonable hour. Partly because night is when I get new story ideas. Partly because I'll turn on the computer to play a game "just for a half-hour before bed" and next thing I know it's 2 AM.

5. I kicked a guy in the shins once in junior high. He was invading my personal space. Poor guy was probably just trying to get up the nerve to talk to me, or something, but he was being super annoying.

6. I am a firm believer in both fate and free will.

7. I talk to spiders and try to convince them that if they stay outside, I will live and let live. But if they come inside, and get within my reach, I will kill them. This discussion doesn't usually work very well. Perhaps because both my guy and my dad are the "save the spider" type, and so will carry the crawly things outside instead of letting me kill them. I mean. Really. They are ruining my credibility, here.

7:19 PM  
Blogger Linda said...

Nancy, I was blog-surfing through blogs I haven't looked at in a while when I saw your tag comments. I just got tagged by someone and haven't set about doing my list yet. It was fun to read yours though. I will be working on mine this week...

10:22 PM  

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