Sunday, October 08, 2006

Now I'm Dreaming About Socks!

That photo on your left is from the book KNIT SOCKS by Betsy McCarthy. I fell head over heels in love with both versions but yearned deeply for the cream-colored version.

Enter my stash. I grabbed some Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Fisherman, #2US Addis and I was in business. I am so in love with these socks that words fail me. The pattern is easy beyond all telling. One round and you've nailed. If you can read your knitting you can put away the pattern. This is true love. Eternal. Unconditional. (Until the next great sock comes along.)

<--my take

Totally gratuitous text inserted here for the sole purpose of forcing Blogger to pay attention to the code I painstakingly typed in and separate one photo from the other photo. Blogger refuses to listen to me. It may require serious discipline at some later date. Yes, I'm babbling. Yes, I hope I have inserted sufficient blather to do the trick. Yes, I apologize.

This photo is Dad's Easy Cable Socks from my beloved SOCKS SOCKS SOCKS, which would be my Desert Isle book if I could only have one knitting book with me into eternity.

You use chunky yarn for these socks, recommended #5US needles (I'd probably use a #3US or a #4US) and an extremely easy cable pattern that I'm sure could be worked without a cable needle. I'm going to raid my Sirdar Highlander stash and try these before the month is out. (Famous last words, right?)

Okay, Bretton. Stop right now. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes and repeat after me, "I'm a writer who knits and not a knitter who writes." Writing pays the Patternworks/Elann/WEBS bills. Knitting doesn't.

If I'm not careful I'm going to find myself on a street corner one day wearing a sign that says, "Will write for yarn."


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