Friday, January 30, 2009


Yet another plea for help!  I bought on ebay, this gorgeous vintage black cashmere beaded sweater.  It is beautiful, BUT it is about four inches too short!  I have seen frankensweaters on Knitty and other places, where people take one part from one sweater and graft or sew it to another, but I have no idea how to do this.  Does anyone know, please?


Blogger Nephele said...

Do you have a second sweater to chop up for this or are you going to knit something?

You need to add length but you need to decide where to add it. You could cut your existing sweater at the waist level and a band there. You could add all the length at the bottom - maybe making it look layered in the process. Or some other option.

A picture would help. Also, you need to figure out if it's hand or machine knit (look at the seams). If it's handknit you can unravel an end and knit on extra pieces. If it's machine knit you'll probably need to sew pieces together (a serger is best for this).

I'd give it lots of though - maybe take some photos and play with them in an editor to see what looks best - before doing anything to the original.

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OpenID xavienne said...

In addition to the suggestions from Nephele, if you look carefully at the direction of the stitches you can pick them up and knit downwards from them until you have the length you want, assuming you can find a suitable yarn to use.
Domiknitrix's site has "how to's" for this ehre:

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