Monday, July 07, 2008

I Didn't Mean To Do It . . . and Winner #7

<--Baby Surprise Jacket in the early stages. It really looks like crap here, doesn't it? Like a baby circus tent in the making. A bad baby circus tent. I promise you it's looking better now.
I didn't mean to cast on for a Log Cabin. I swear I didn't. All I wanted to do was start another piece of the EZ Garter Stitch blanket. But you know how it is. I meant to grab ivory Sirdar Nova and I ended up 20 rows in before I realized I'd grabbed Sirdar Highlander. I don't want to mix my Novas with my Highlanders in a blanket (care issues) so I decided that the Highlander will become a Log Cabin. And I've always wanted to knit a Log Cabin blanket.

So now I have the hot pink OCEAN CURRENTS scarf OTN; the taxi-cab yellow EZ; the Cascade Eco EZ; the Sirdar Highlander Log Cabin; and a Baby Surprise Jacket.

And did I mention I'm writing a book that's due sooner rather than later?

Kept you waiting, didn't I? I wanted to draw out the suspense a little . . .

Winner #7 in our Yarnapalooza Giveaway is Diane Kurchmann. Look for an email from me, Diane, and congratulations!

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