Saturday, March 24, 2007


We have winners! (Sorry I didn't post it yesterday but I've been busy chiseling my words onto stone . . . life without a computer ain't easy.) (This is coming from Goldisox's laptop.)

Anyway, without further ado (what on earth is "ado" anyway?):

1. GEORG is the winner of the blue Elann Sock It To Me sock yarn.

2. . . . and GEORG is also the winner of the cream Elann Sock It To Me sock yarn!!

As always, the winners were drawn using the Random Number Generator at - the winning numbers were #7 and #5.

Georg, you know the drill. Please email me your snail mail info and I'll zip these out. (Well, as quickly as I zip anything anywhere these days.)


More to come in the next day or two.


Blogger georg said...

Wow! And Hooray!!

6:20 PM  

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