Saturday, March 10, 2007

GUEST PETS: Catmum's Grrl Cats

Here is what Catmum has to say about these two beautiful girls: "Here's the two grrl cats, both rescue cats from Animal Friends Rescue Project here in Monterey, CA. they joined Brutus, who rescued us, as I said before. Zoe Godzilla is the first picture, in her kitty pi bed (thank you Wendy). she is the manager of not only the household, but the neighborhood, she supervises everyone and everything. The second picture is Brigid, who we adopted first. she is fairly shy, but has warmed with time and patience. They all three like to help with the knitting, and each has their own felted kitty pi bed, as well as many felted catnip mice. and here's my blog:"


Blogger the BookWyrm said...

Such sweet kitties! And they're local Cali-Cats, too. How cool is that?

(Hey, Catmum - how do you like the weather we've been having? I'm from the San Jose area, myself, and I'm loving it!)

5:55 PM  

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