Monday, December 04, 2006

GET FELTED - Day 34 (at least I think it is)

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***GUEST PET: See Judy over there on that very 70s sofa? The girl had quite a life. Judy was one of a pair of siblings my parents took in during a big snowstorm in the winter of 1980. I think I told you before that I grew up in Queens (part of NYC), in the top apartment of a two-family house that specialized in sheltering homeless cats. I can't tell you how many winter mornings I'd open the door from the inner hallway to the outer hallway to be greeted by yawns from assorted cats and kittens who knew food and warmth could be found at 83-17 Cornish Avenue. (Except for the day I opened the door and found myself covered in yowling cats who clung to my winter coat like it was the last life boat on the Titanic. I still haven't recovered from that.)

Man, I can digress with the best of 'em, can't I? Anyway, Punch and Judy were only supposed to come in for the night but as it turned out they came to stay. Unfortunately Punch had other ideas and the day my mother took them to be neutered he decided he wasn't ready to part with any of the important bits and he made a successful bid for freedom. My mother used to see him out back near the railroad tracks with the other cats and it almost broke her heart but at least Judy wasn't going anywhere.

She was a very sweet, very shy cat who kept a low profile for the fourteen years she lived the good life Chez Fuller. She wasn't a cuddler (she didn't trust people well enough for that) but there was never any doubt that she loved her humans and was loved in return.***

I'm a knitting fool. Not that you'd know it from my lack of blog posts and photos but trust me, I am. Would you believe me if I promised to post photos tomorrow?

And thanks so much for the advice on gathering up the live stitches on the thumb opening. It made all the difference in the world!


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Such a sweet face.

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