Thursday, December 07, 2006

Barbara's Big Ugly Washcloth #1

Barbara's Big Ugly Washcloth #1
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Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille. US#6 Addi Turbos. Basketweave stitch. I think 50 stitches or thereabouts. Somehow it ended up big enough to serve as a tarp for an SUV. This is doubled w/the sides crocheted together. And hot-water washed and machine dried. It's still huge. Oh yeah, and the stitches popped too. An altogether terrible experience.


Blogger Kenyetta said...

Pretty colors! I never used the cotton chenille, I generally use just cotton for the cloths. Are you still going to gift them?

7:50 AM  
Blogger Barbara Bretton said...

Hi, Kenyetta! The basketweave one is fatally flawed so I'll probably use it myself. (If I can get over the fact that it represents 115 hours of my knitting life!) The blue seed stitch one might find a home elsewhere.

Personally I'm not sure Cotton Chenille was such a brilliant idea. I was following suggestions in Tara Manning's Mindful Knitting but in retrospect I think plain cotton might be much better.

8:46 AM  
Blogger LaurieKnits said...

Aww, it's not ugly and still ever so useful, especially if one has a big face ;)

I had a recent brain dead moment and repeated a pattern a few too many times for a dishcloth which is now more like a towel. I remembering wondering why the heck it was taking so long to knit a little cloth and now I have my answer. The ugly thing (which was made worse by the fact that I used a painted yarn instead of a solid) is on my blog.

Ugly heart cloth

11:07 AM  

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