Monday, July 31, 2006

Mitred squares and fear of geometry ;)

I *think* I might have mentioned this waaay back when we started, that I'd found this very cool felted purse that I was dying to emulate, only I described it in some doofus way that didn't ring any bells.

Okay, so I was good at math until I got to the spatial relations stuff, aka ::shiver:: geometry. I do not know why my brain melts when it comes to that (or navigating maps without turning them in the direction I'm going) but...there you are. So I ran across the right term--MITRED!! Duh, Jean...shoulda recognized that in a heartbeat, me with a beloved husband who started out as a carpenter!

So I'm intrigued. The mitred portion was only in one corner of this bag, so I'm not sure how the rest was done, but I'll keep scratching my chin over it...because, of course, finding the pattern for that purse is way too logical and simple. ;) Gotta have something working in the back of the brain, right?

But I *did* print out directions for a mitred square and methinks I'll pull out yet another set of needles and see if I can muddle my way through it.

By the way, Jamie, I am beyond green over your craft room, however much it's not your ideal. My stuff is stashed all over the house, including art supplies, jewelry making, yarns, flosses, have it all in one room--to die for! I keep thinking I want a separate little building to write in, and hey! I could consolidate my stash! Except how would I then continue my daily multi-tasking dance, darting between the bread rising and the laundry underway and supper going and my current wip?

And, as my best friend says of her husband's workshop, she's drawing the line at installing a bathroom and fridge, or else she might never see him again! There be dragons... ;) It's too easy, anyway, as a writer, to lose my grounding in the so-called real world because my imaginary ones are so much fun. Best not to toddle off to a separate building, methinks.



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