Monday, November 03, 2008


I have been following Mary Anne Mohanraj's journal for almost twelve years now. I've followed her from the Bay Area to Salt Lake City to Chicago. When she gave birth to Kavi about eighteen months ago I felt like a friend had just added to her family and wondered if Ellie the dog would welcome the new addition. I cheered when she went off to grad school and cheered even louder when she received her Ph.D. and began teaching in Chicago. (And yes, I told her about all the truly fabulous knitters who live in and around Chicago. What's with that place anyway?)

The reason I've been following Mary Anne all these years is simple. No, I'm not a cyber stalker. Mary Anne is a terrific writer. Dip into her journal and you'll recognize that fact immediately. I've learned so much reading her work. About Sri Lanka, about Desi Lit, about different ways of being in this world, about tolerance and understanding, about the importance of art in our lives, about the choices we make--you get the picture. Mary Anne has a fascinating bibliography listed on her website. A TASTE OF SERENDIB, BODIES IN MOTION, and THE POET'S JOURNEY are good places to start. If you enjoy first rate erotica, TORN SHAPES OF DESIRE is definitely worth a look.
Mary Anne founded STRANGE HORIZONS and CLEAN SHEETS, two on-line magazines of note. She probably packs more into a day than anyone I have ever known. I usually need a nap after reading her latest journal entry.

Best of all, she's a crocheter who is thinking it might be time to learn how to knit! I tried to tell her there's still time to run away before it's too late but she didn't listen.
And now here she is. [insert wicked laughter]

We've got another one, knitters!

Glad you're here, Mary Anne!

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Blogger Mary Anne Mohanraj said...

Aww...thanks for the sweet intro, Barbara, and thanks for inviting me to the blog. I've just written an insanely long intro post that barely even talks about yarn, but I promise, the next one will do better. I may have to wait a day or two to let your readers have a break from my long-windedness. :-)

6:48 AM  

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