Friday, August 03, 2007

Occasions of Sin

I told you Smiley's was dangerous, didn't I? I wish you could have seen Goldisox's face this time last summer when three humongous boxes landed on our front porch with a very big thud. All from Smiley's, all chockful of (I should be ashamed to admit this but I'm not) Red Heart yarn. I like to crochet nice thick cage blankets for animal shelters and even though wool sounds wonderfully warm and inviting, something machine washable and dryable is a much better bet. Red Heart works perfectly. Besides, I have a theory that bright colors and pleasing combinations might draw the eye of someone looking to adopt a rescue pet into their family.

Anyway, even though I should take pity on your credit card balances, I want to direct you over to Elann. See the What's New button in the upper left-hand corner? Click on it and prepare to be dazzled by the number of full-bag blowout sales currently in progress. It isn't often that you can score over 1000 yards of high-quality yarn for $20. Also, Ann Budd has a sock book out and my beloved Twisted Sisters just released a sweater book which is cause for celebration.

And did I tell you that Interweave Knits published a Felting magazine? I'm dying to get my hands on it. I don't know about anyone else but I'm going to Get Felted this November and December and you're invited to join me. More about that soon.

I cast on this afternoon for the top-down zip-front sweater for Goldisox. I'm using the heathery medium blue Elann Peruvian Highland Chunky, US6 and US8 needles. I'm halfway through the shoulder increases and hope to be dividing for sleeves by this time tomorrow night. There's something almost irresistibly addictive about knitting top-down sweaters. It's worse than eating potato chips. Once I start, I can't seem to stop. One more row . . . come on . . . that book you're writing can wait . . . one more row . . . maybe finish the increases . . . you know you want it . . .

Sorry. Can't write any more. Gotta knit just one more row before I go back to work.


Blogger Nancy Herkness said...

Barbara, that's so cool about making blankets for shelter animals! I didn't know you did that.

10:19 PM  
Blogger monica said...

You are such an enabler. I had called our local shelter and the beginning of the summer to ask about making blankets for the pens. They declined, they get comforters from the local hotels. But they loved the idea of having them for in the gift shop to sell to prospective adoptive families.

12:59 AM  
Anonymous Carol said...

Barbara, you have a generous heart! One could go absolutely crazy on the Elann site with their prices and yarns.

8:05 AM  
Blogger kshotz said...

Barbara, Are you trying to get my husband to block your blog???? Good grief! I love yarn; but I must resist. I must resist. I must resist. Come on ladies, say it with me.....

"I must resist."

(Is it working???????)


12:37 PM  

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