Thursday, November 09, 2006


Nancy kindly led me to the box pattern she's doing, but I'm afraid that I messed up on my first two tries, though I really like the first mistake!

Somehow (I know now what I did, but not beforehand) I misread the pattern and picked up too many stitches on the first side piece, so that when I matched the other side to it and crocheted them together at the end, the outside was wider and, when felted, wound up bowl-shaped! A nice square bottom but rounded sides...but I chose to emphasize it by molding it to the bottom of a ceramic bowl while it dried. I like it, so I might do it again!

The second experiment, I got right (though I didn't want the handles so I didn't make them) but one side of crocheting didn't hold, for some reason, so I had to put rubber bands (thin, loose ones) around to hold it together while it dried, then stitched it together by hand. Thus, the top dried unevenly...but another lesson learned. While it was drying, it occurred to me that through the use of heavy rubber bands, you could actually create more dimension to it via the indentations tight bands would make!


Blogger LauraP said...

Experiments...adventures...always something to be learned. Interesting idea about the rubber bands.

2:48 PM  

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