Monday, October 02, 2006

The Turtle Speaks...

Waaah, BB, THE Wendy and Kim--I'm behind already!

I choose, however, to be the poster child for any who may be knitting with us and feeling inadequate alongside you whiz kids. My first-ever sock is proceeding slowly (of course, it would go faster were I not finishing two other projects)...but though you bunnies may beat us to the finish line, we turtles will get there one of these days. ;)

BB, I'm molto impressed at your labels on your photo, btw! (And hoping that you all who are experts don't spot bunion room on my photo...which I wouldn't recognize if it jumped up and bit me!

So, with's mine so far. THE Wendy's toe-up pattern moved onto Addi Turbo #1s, done in plain ol' Lion Brand Woolease in turquoise #148 (with hopes that I can figure out how to do the heel in Magic Loop, since I did the toe on dpns but lost my courage!)



Blogger kshotz said...

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12:37 PM  
Blogger kshotz said...

Bravo Jean! You brave-hearted woman....starting with toe-up socks and that darned provisional cast on! (I promise to try it someday!)

Your yarn color is gorgeous! (As are all the socks I've seen so far. Talk about a plethora of scrumptious yarns!)

You're doing great! Keep up the good work!

12:39 PM  
Anonymous theresa s. said...

Lovely, Jean! It looks great! And if it's any consolation, you're not the turtle -- I am. I haven't even cast on yet, though I did wind the yarn so I'm not a total slacker. I hope to cast on tonight.

12:42 PM  
Blogger Jean Brashear said...

Kim and Theresa, thanks for the encouragement. (And's only the 2nd, T--still hope for us, right?)

Kim, I got another yarn to try but thought I should make my first-timer mistakes on something less pricey, but this other one is Wildfoote from Brown Sheep, Symphony color (a self-striper.)

But turquoise is my favorite color, so I hope I don't screw this one up, either!

3:22 PM  
Blogger LauraP said...

Jean - you figured out the toe, so you're ahead of me. I played with it last night and decided I should practice new techniques with fat yarn first, preferably early in the day when my eyes still focus well.

6:54 PM  
Blogger Jean Brashear said...

Thanks, Laura! THE Wendy writes good directions...even the directionally-challenged like me can understand them. And unzipping the crochet was fun!

7:33 PM  
Blogger LauraP said...

Wendy does write good directions. The problem is me. I'm often slow picking up any new technique, even with someone at my elbow to tell me what I'm doing wrong. I'm stubborn though and will stumble around until it 'clicks' for me.

9:22 PM  
Blogger Fran Baker said...

Pretty color, Jean. I'm doing a pair of slipper socks in Lion Brand boucle. Next I'll do real socks using THE Wendy's pattern.

10:29 PM  

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