Wednesday, September 27, 2006

10 Knittery Things You Didn't Know About Me

I ran across this meme on Grumperina's blog and decided to play along. Really, it's kind of unfair since, although I've knitted off and on since I was knee high to a grasshopper, I've only been blogging about knitting for a week or so. Ten knittery things? I could probably come up with a lot more than that but here's ten that come to mind.

1. I'm a Rowan slut. I love just about every Rowan yarn I've ever fondled and I've fondled plenty. Okay, there was that odd paper yarn. I can't claim to have loved that one. But other than that, I'm one of their biggest fans. I love KidSilk Haze in all it's flyaway, slip off the needles fussiness. And how can you not love Yorkshire Tweed? It's got a wonderful, earthy feel yet knits up with a certain refinement that makes me think of English country houses, Wellingtons and dogs with floppy ears. I could go on and on but let's just say that Rowan has my heart - and a good chunk of my pocket book.

2. My favorite yarn color is a particular shade of summer sky blue. I gravitate to it in yarn stores and have been known to ogle yarns I wouldn't dream of knitting with, just because they're the right, seductive shade of blue.

3. I like complicated projects. Fancy lace, cables that look like the Gordion knot, shaped darts - the more intricate the project, the more likely I am to be drawn to it.

4. I never have less than ten projects going at the same time and the number is usually closer to twenty. I'd like to say there's some plan behind this but the truth is, I can rarely resist the urge to start an interesting new project. I've been known to go out and buy new needles because the size I want is already in another project. Which leads me directly to:

5. I currently have eight pairs of socks on the needles. Since I knit with one circ, that's a whole boatload of Addi Turbos currently occupied by socks.

6. I rarely go anywhere without a project in hand. I knit standing in line at the post office. I knit in theaters. I knit at stop lights. I make it a point to have at least one small project - a sock or hat - at a mindless knitting point so I've always got something to grab on the way out of the house.

7. Unlike Claudia, I'm a sucker for sales. Tell me a yarn is disconintued and fifty percent off and I'm immediately panting to buy twenty skeins. This has led to some less than useful stash acquistions but, on the positive side, if there's ever a sudden shortage of yarn, I could knit out of my stash for the next fifty years so I choose to look on it as my version of survivalist planning. The dark ages may return but I'll still have yarn.

8. I don't mind knitting things that will never be used. Lace shawls are a perfect example. I knit them but I'm not much inclined to wear them. I don't mind. They can live in drawers along with the all the quilts I've made and never used.

9. I knit almost exculsively on circs. Addi Turbo is my preferred brand though I've got a really interesting new glass needle from Sheila Ernst that looks poised to become another favorite.

10. I've never had to go up or down a needle size to get gauge, if I'm using the same yarn called for in the pattern. I've always hit gauge on the suggested needle size. I'm not sure if that makes me a freak or just really lucky.

So, ten knittery things about me. Anyone else want to play?


Blogger Nicole said...

Heh, I already played along, here. (I found it at Grumerina's too.) But it's always interesting to see someone else's "secrets".

I think that if there was a color of yarn that I would describe as my "must buy" yarn, it would be forest green. But not too much brown, more of a jewel tone.

6:27 PM  
Blogger Nancy Herkness said...

I like multi-colored yarn because I'm a simple-minded soul and like simple-minded patterns. However, a multi-colored yarn makes the dumbest project look great.

9:23 PM  
Blogger Barbara Bretton said...

A Rowan slut? No surprise to me! BTW, I'm still awestruck by the Rowan book you sent me for my birthday. Talk about top drawer stuff. . .

11:56 PM  

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